My name is Mike Daigle and I work as a barber at Fate Salon in Fort Erie’s historic downtown better known as the Bridgeburg Historic District. The beauty of this luxurious salon and spa is further enhanced by the heritage riverside location. Full service day spa provided by Atrium Spa. Premium men’s grooming products provided by Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe.

I enjoy the privilege of working at a specially created station that offers a more secluded space to allow clients to appreciate and enjoy the art of barbering. It is an absolute joy to work at Fate Salon and being surrounded by such remarkable talent. We all want to be the best we can and we work together to help each other get there. We attend seminars and workshops to learn the latest trends and adopt new techniques, and we take advantage of Vince’s expertise whenever we can.

It is always my pleasure to welcome new guests and develop that trust that must be had between a barber and client. I enjoy creating the look you are seeking while ensuring you are able to maintain it. Working as a barber also provides me the opportunity to educate clients as well as customers of Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe about how best to use and care for the wide assortment of tools and supplies for male grooming being offered.

Browse my portfolio to see some of my work. View others or post your client review. Visit my online store to browse all products or drop in at Fate Salon to view a selection of popular products.

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